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  • All Server Support Wilcard Domain:  (any).(server.)hidesvr.xyz

  • Support : SSH Websocket, SSH SSL/TLS , SSH Over Websocket CDN  CloudFront

                     Example  Payload   : GET / HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: sg1.hidessh.com[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]User-Agent: [ua][crlf]Upgrade: websocket[crlf][crlf]   


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Free SSH and VPN service provider with many services

SSH Tunnel

SSH server with multiple connections such as: websocket, openssh, dropbear and many others

OpenVPN Tunnel

Our openvpn connection supports TCP, UDP, SSLand websocket with the latest system version.

Wireguard SSHCDN

Our openvpn connection supports TCP, UDP, SSLand websocket with the latest system version.

No DDOS No Hacking No Carding No Spam No Fraud No Torrent No Reshare

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We add some region server you can create , for best performance choose server nearest your country.

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Benefits of using SSH and VPN

Here are some advantages of using SSH Tunnel or VPN Tunnel.

advantages hidessh
In secret (confidentiality)

By using a public network that controls data, SSH / VPN technology uses a work system by encrypting all data that passes through it.

With the encryption technology, data confidentiality can be more controlled.

Although there are parties who can tap data that passes over the internet in addition to the SSH / VPN line itself, but not necessarily able to read the data, because the data has been scrambled. By implementing this encryption system, no one can access and read the data network contents easily.

advantages hidessh
Integrity Data (Data Integrity)

When passing through the internet network, the data actually runs very far past various countries.During the trip, various disturbances could occur in its contents, lost, damaged, manipulated by people who could not be moved.

In SSH / VPN technology is needed that can maintain the integrity of the data starting from the data sent until the data reaches the destination.

advantages hidessh
Source Authentication (Authentication Origin)

SSH / VPN technology has the ability to authenticate sending data sources to be received. SSH / VPN will check all incoming data and retrieve information from the data source.

Then, the address of the data source will be successfully completed, the authentication process was successful.Thus, SSH / VPN guarantees all data sent and received from the source received. No data is falsified or sent by other parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

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SSH CDN provide premium SSH CloudFront and v2Ray CloudFront account with high quality server for our premium SSH account, our server using ssd thats must will get more best perform. We will so take your connection to private and make it securely.

SSH Account : SH SSL/TLS, SSH Over CDN Cloudflare (SSH Websocket), SSH Cloudfront and SSH Over CDN DNS (SlowDNS)

VPN accounts: OpenVPN (TCP, UDP and SSL), L2TP/IPsec, Wireguard, shadowsocks (shadowsock SSL, shadowsockNon SSL, shadowsock gRPC, shadowsock Websocket, shadowsock DNS , shadowsocksR), trojan Go (trojan Go SSL, trojan Go Non SSL, trojan Go gRPC, trojan Go Websocket) and V2ray/Vmess (SSL, Non SSL , V2ray/Vmess gRPC, V2ray/Vmess Websocket, V2ray/Vmess DNS ).

We provide active SSH and VPN accounts starting from 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and 1 month, you can re-create it if the SSH and VPN accounts can't be used again

We use High Quality and high performance Servers coming from Providers: AWS Amazon, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, OVH, Microsoft Azure, Linode, Contabo and Upcloud

sure, we are a free VPN and SSH service provider with no fees charged. But, don't forget to help us by sharing my site on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Youtube. Tiktok and more

the server will be reset again at 20:56:00 (+07:00) GMT + 7 Asia/jakarta, every 05:00 and 17:00 will reboot the server, so that server performance is fresh again

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