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VPN technology is an effective way to surf the Internet without worrying about your personal information being disclosed. This makes VPN a must-have choice for mobile devices/mobile phones, desktops and laptops and other computer devices every day. One of the great elements of VPN is its security. On the VPN connection, the VPN server you use will first encrypt all the data you send and receive. Therefore, if cybercriminals want to try to capture the data you send, this encryption will protect you.

What devices can VPN use?

In general There are three main categories of devices that can use VPN: Desktop / Laptop, Smartphone / Tablet, and router. More specifically, VPN can usually be used on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux platforms.

How VPN handles your information?


When you connect to a VPN service, all of your internet traffic & communication passes through a very secure channel. This is what keeps your information confidential and safe.Each VPN service provider uses a variety of protocols that have different levels of security. The following protocol is used by racevpn.com to secure your data:

Open VPN is one of the VPN protocols that is widely used by the majority of internet users because of its high encryption method so it guarantees more security for data traffic while browsing and its speed is quite stable. However, the use of OpenVPN requires additional applications on Windows devices, Android, iOS and routers



L2TP VPN or Screen 2 tunneling protocol is also one of the VPN protocols that is very easy to use and can be used for all Android, Windows, Linux and IOS devices. To use L2TP VPN it doesn't need a 3rd party application. Because every Windows, Android, IOS and Linux device already has a configuration for using VPN L2tp and VPN pptp. VPN L2TP has a higher encryption method than VPN PPTP but still has a stable speed.


Using VPN Affect My Online Games?

By connecting the closest server location to your game server, you are more likely to get a better ping time.In addition, many server locations also mean that you will be able to do game servers from countries / regions that you normally cannot reach.

Why is VPN illegal in some countries?

Usually countries that prohibit VPNs tend to have tighter controls on people's lives. By banning VPNs, they can easily monitor all movements carried out by their citizens in browsing the Internet.

  1. America (Canada, United States)
  2. Asia (Japan, Korea, Singapura, India and Indonesia),
  3. Austalia (Australia)
  4. Europe (Germany, France, Amsterdam)

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